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HR Tuningcenter
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D-77933 Lahr

+49 (0) 7821 95999-22

+49 (0) 7821 95999-27

What does "Chip-tuning" mean

Basic principle of the electronic control: Certain "quantities" (e.g.. ingested air flow) are electronically recorded, processed as a signal and passed on as "command" to components  in order to override the mixture composition. The characteristics of these signals can now, by the use of a modified processor program for the electronic control unit be altered retroactively. The "reprogrammed" override of supplied fuel quantum, exhaust gas recirculation, supercharging pressure and fuel injection start-up thus affects the engines capacity and torsional characteristics. Sporadically simple solutions (not recommended) are heard of, where either fuel injection quantity  or overspeed trip unit are merely hoisted.


Premiums: In the past, the rigid procedure of the auto liability insurance , orientated on horse power. Although that doesnt exist any longer, power enhancement bears the risk that the insurer might take the concrete vehicle out of the hitherto so called model category and reassign it to a higher category. Since there is no standard procedure, this should absolutely be clarified beforehand , especially with regard to comprehensive /fire and theft coverage.

Claim: An increased engine efficiency that is neither registered in the car documents nor has been disclosed to the insurance company may result in the loss of insurance coverage.

Operating licence

Interference with ignition and mixture composition inevitably leads to forfeiture of the so called "General Operating Licence", with corresponding adverse consequences accordant StVZO.


Part of this expertise are exhaust performance, (complex procedure, has nothing in common with the exhaust assay (AU)!) as well as further possible requirements to the undercarriage, tire equipment, etc.. Modification of the exhaust composition may furthermore cause that an inferior standard as yet will be detected and registered. Many models today already meet the more significant pollutant category "Euro 3/D3", a deterioration will then lead to respectively higher rates within the motor vehicle tax.. However, we are always anxious to maintain the exhaust configuration.

Experiences concerning endurance durability

There are neither positive nor negative field reports available to us.  On behalf of the magazine "Gute Fahrt", the engine of a worked on Passat TDI was disassembled  after an 100.000 km endurance test. Up to this mileage no deterioration could be detected, The result only refers to this concrete vehicle ! At any rate, automakers declare time and time again to receive claim submissions for (futile) claim settlements.

Retroactive tuning

Manufacturers point out, that during the further development of engines an exact analysis can be conducted whether the reserves of the existing construction give enough leeway, which modifications on the engines peripherals (cooling system, fuel injection system, transmission grading) are necessary, or whether primal construction details have to be adapted, e.g. a more rigid crankcase or alloying for pistons and piston rings adapted to the increased forces.

Dimensioning of undercarriage and brakes will also be implicated in this analysis. Result: Tuning is basically rejected. Funnily enough, some dealers offer tuning themselves.

Basically speaking, a lot is not always the best. Less can sometimes be better and more economical.

Which data is feasible ?

Sometimes 30% to 40% increased efficiency is easily promised for little money. These kind of statements shouldnt be viewed uncritical.  The only thing thats significant is whats been measured on a power-absorption roller after the backfitting.

Principally should be considered, that the capacity of production engines is "scaling up" anyway. Some tuning objects that were remeasured by some trade magazines, mustered a plus of approx.10 to 25 kw, swifter acceleration by approx. 1.5 sec from 0 to 100km/h, improved characteristics of engine power by approx. 4 sec. in a range between 60km/h and 120km/h.

In general a better responds of the accelerator was mentioned. Increased consumption is not necessarily to be expected, to some extend more favourable data has actually been etermined.

All in all these are only examples:
Too diverse are basic design of the vehicles , tuning extent, quality and last but not least the personal operating conditions.

On our part, we emphasise on economic fuel consumption and a conserving operational demand of the engine. For that reason our tunings are somewhat slightly more inefficient than those of our competitors.

Whats the price?

Offers start from under 300 Euro, however the prices to expect for solid workmanship range from 300 up to 2000 Euro.

Engines apt for power enhancement

Unsupercharged engines (engines without turbo-charge): Chip tuning by itself can only achieve marginal advantages. It only makes sense in connection with mechanical optimisation ( e.g. camshaft, pistons, valves,)

Turbocharged engines, gasoline / diesel: In connection with electronic adjustment control well suitable, large range, especially for lineal fuel injection engines (TDI).


Automakers : Within the new car warranty and following voluntary fair dealing ( 1-3 years ), claims for adjustment of damages to the engine and related external components (e.g. fuel- injection equipment ) are consistently declined. However this may extend to completely different areas, like for example: manual or automatic transmissions. Argumentation as to whether current damages dont have anything to do with tuning measures is, according to experience difficult if not impossible.

Tuner: Some of them issue warranties for 1 year ( 100.000km/year max. ) on the tuned engine. In case of a claim it will more than likely not always be possible to clearly establish, to which account the failure is to be ascribed to. Difficulties of proof are therefore preassigned. On this account alone, we suggest the acquisition of a warranty.



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