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HR Tuningcenter
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HR Tuningcenter

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HR Tuningcenter
Fritz Rinderspacher Straße 14
D-77933 Lahr

+49 (0) 7821 95999-22

+49 (0) 7821 95999-27


What is Chiptuning?

Chiptuning is the software optimisation of vehicles. The control unit
In your vehicle is a small computer, which contains all necessary data
for the engine management.

Does the operating licence expire due to Chiptuning?

By interfering with the engine management your so called general
operating licence expires. For that reason we offer expertises for
most German models as well. We undertake the dealing with the TV
( technical supervisory society ) (approx. 2 4 weeks )

Is there a rise or decline in fuel consumption?

Assuming identic manner of driving fuel consumption can decline by
up to one litre. Aggrevated manner of driving will result in a rise of
fuel consumption.

Will there be a rise in the insurance premium?

No ! However there there is an obligation to inform your insurance
carrier. Reliable information can be obtained by your insurance agent.

Will there be a rise in the motor vehicle tax?

No! Neither exhaust-gas limits nor cubic capacity are being affected.

Is reversal possible?

No matter if your vehicle is tuned by chip or diagnostic interface,
reversal is possible at any time.

Why not from the manufacturer in the first place?

The manufacturers on their part have to make a lot of compromises in the development of electronic control units. The vehicles fuel consumption has to be as low as possible and compliant with the statutory exhaust emission standards. At the same time differences in fuel quality of individual countries where the vehicles are being employed, exhaust production due to inferior fuel quality, service range overdraft and naturally financial reasons like i.e. class of insurance. Due to these restrictions in serial production a very konservative and therefore poor perfomance program for engine timing is the result. According to experience the automakers serial electronic control units only offer a compromise. Engine characteristics are normally applied in such a way that an efficiency is warranted for functional tolerances in the internal data exchange. Incidentally almost all manufacturers meanwhile offer mechanically identical or nearly corresponding engines with different capacity options. The higher powered and mostly also more expensive capacity alternative of the otherwise nearly identical engines, is often only implemented due to a modified software of the electronic control unit. In the past the higher capacity models where often not put up for sale until 1 to 2 years after sales start of the vehicle, to give already existing customers an incentive to buy a new vehicle. The marketing departments have a weightly word in that regard.
If you are willing to service your vehicle regularly and forfeit some economic efficiency in the full load range, a great output potential will be available to you.
The goal of our optimisation is to noticeably enhance the power-expansion and torsional process across the entire speed range particularly with supercharged vehicles youll get the impression of being in a new vehicle class after the optimisation.

The torque is the cornerstone for a vehicles optimisation. A solid torque progression, not only in the full load range, but mainly in lower and medium engine speed, in connection with a power increase across the entire speed range, will bring forth a considerable improvement of the engines reaction to accelerator motion and will all in all make the vehicle more agile and dynamic.

Why does tuning of some BMW-models (spark ignition engines) turn out so poorly?

In the past it struck us, that we didnt reach the promised power increase / overall performance. This prompted us to downgrade the vehicle and carry out a second performance test. The result was evident. It was due to the fact, that the indicated output of the production run had not been achieved.

Will the engine-life be affected?

With chiptuning your vehicles performance is boosted. If this performance is accessed permanently (full throttle operation ) a higher wearout has to be anticipated. Driving in a conventional manner, the occuring surplus load will be very minor . A tuning that has been developed with care is always aligned in a matter that the possibilities of your motors conditional layout are utelised bur not overcharged.



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